Your Operating System for the Future of Work

Wunderforce enables liquid staffing and gives you visibility into your entire workforce. Staff and manage your digital projects at ease and make smarter decisions.
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Wunderforce is like Siri for your Workforce

Modular. Customizable. Enterprise-ready.

Talent Visibility

Gain full visibility of your entire workforce, internal and external (e.g. freelancer, consultants). Access detailed skill and experience assessments to make well-founded decisions.

Liquid Staffing

Match teams instantly, using superior project staffing based on your preferred mix of FTE and external talent. Create an internal job/project marketplace and use  matching scores, candidate pipeline and reviews, for more agility in your team creation.

Project & Quality Monitoring

A central overview of status and "health" of agile teams allows for proactive mgmt. and reduces risks. Intuitive time-tracking reduces overhead and simplifies processes. Feedback and Work histories of all talents create a data-basis for better decisions.

Grow your Workforce

Understand your entire talent pool precisely and grow it proactively. Advertise open positions on the public career page to fill talent gaps reliably. Replace cost-intensive vendors and recruiters with your own freelancer-pool.

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Since working with Wunderforce, we have been able to digitize some of our core talent and innovation processes in record time with scalable software solutions.
Head of Digital Factory @ Leading Insurer


Wunderforce software eliminates inefficiencies, improves transparency and drives compliance

Increased Productivity

Improves your staffing processes to create purpose built, experienced teams with the right skills for the job, that get more done with less.

Reduced Cost

Saves time by increasing your operational efficiency and reduces the need for intermediaries such as consultancies or vendors.

Full Visibility

A centralized dashboard keeps you up to date on the skills and progress of digital project teams across the entire organization.

Data-driven Decisions

By collecting data you'll be able to make better decisions regarding staffing teams, scoping projects and managing suppliers.
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Wunderforce is geared to drive postive change throughout your organization

Wunderforce supports different functions:

Strategic Staffing Devision Makers

Supporting Functional Leads, CxOs and Head of Digitals to visualize and structure internal & external talent using skills and reviews.

Enabling you to grow your talent/vendor pool strategically and decreasing the need for your involvement when teams or projects require additional resources.


Enabling Project Leads, Product Managers or Squad Leads to easily find and request the talent they need to make their upcoming or evolving project a success.

Allowing you to skip significant overhead or back-and-forth and focus directly on what counts, selecting the right talent.

Professional Services Procurement Managers

Allowing Services- and IT-Procurement Managers to reduce overhead and focus their time efficiently, for example on negotiations.

Increasing your bargaining power through MSP services or supplier pool consolidation, and allowing you to make data-driven decisions based on structured ratings and reviews.

Wunderforce works for organizations of all sizes:


Enabling Enterprises to get a data-view of internal talent's skills and experiences which serves as the foundation for strategic hiring and staffing decisions. Easy collaboration with externals of all sizes and optional MSP services.


Allows SME's to drive digitization and centralize their staffing and project/quality management. Simplifies direct collaboration with freelancers and enables companies to build and grow their own network of external partners.


Empowering agencies and consultancies to select external partners based on centralized, data-founded feedback and manage the relationships (i.e. timesheets, contracts) through an easy to use, user-friendly tool.

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If your current set of tools looks like this, we're here to help

Fragmented solutions lead to:

· bottlenecks
· loss of information
· redundancies
· inefficiencies
· delays



The Future of Work is here...

of workers are freelancers (growing at 10% annually)
of companies regularly use freelancers and agencies
of companies plan to increase the use

...but Organizations are not ready.

Current solutions are not liquid-workforce oriented, have suboptimal UX and do not reflect the full process from onboarding to payment.
Legal specificities of working with freelancers are difficult to manage and often completely prevent working with desired talent.
Information on freelancers and agencies is siloed and cannot be processed to perfectly match open positions to the best available talent.
Companies need to make use of agencies and recruiters to uncover  talent. This triangular relationship creates friction for all sides.
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More than consulting -
we use our existing modules
and deliver exactly the
digital tools you need.



In an initial call, we discuss your specific needs and explore if our digital solutions could make a real difference in solving them. If we are not convinced we are a match for your problems, we will point you in the right direction.


& Roadmap

Based on a scoping workshop with your key stakeholders, we visualize the suggested solution as a digital prototype and present our roadmap and suggested prioritization with clear OKRs for project success.



Since we already built our white-label solution for multiple clients, we are able to reuse core components, thereby efficiently eliminating more than 9 months of development time and costs.


& Delivery

Employing agile methodologies, we work iteratively with regular feedback of stakeholders and users. In doing so, we are able to deliver a first working product in less than 3 months.

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At the core of our solution is "Wunderforce", the whitlabel platform for the future of work

ALL Talent

Get full visibility of your internal and external talent capabilities and utilization in real-time. Perform NLP-based search across the pool to quickly identify needed skills or shortages.

Access detailed skill and experience profiles of every employee and vendor talent in your network.

Job Profiles made for the future of work

Create simple but exhaustive job postings that are designed for modern and flexible work environments. Edit collaboratively, use templates and share profiles easily across your teams. 

Empower your team to define the ideal profile and framing details for any crucial project.

Better teams faster through “liquid staffing”

Accurately identify availability among talents, get matching talent recommended by AI, or take control of staffing yourself at record speed.

Quickly react to changes in requirements and make use of liquid staffing to profit from increased productivity through custom-built teams.

and Project Execution

Get full visibility of owners, timesheets, status and person day budgets for all your running projects in one single dashboard. Create automated invoices and save important contract information.

Seamlessly integrate the management of internal and external talent in one place

Talent Quality Mgmt.
and Evaluation

Monitor talent happiness (NPS) and continuously improve quality and performance through 360 peer reviews. 

By reviewing the talent-job fit at the end of each project, you fine-tune the skill assessment of your talent pool and judge your staffing decisions.

Where do you want to build your team?

Using a unique mix of modular elements, out-of-the box individual groups and jobs, setup support and custom development or integrations where needed.

Wunderforce is exactly the tool you need without costly internal setup or development.

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Empowering Organizations to own the Future of Work.

Streamline your process and delight contractors
From onboarding to payment, the process of handling contractors becomes easy and hassle free for both sides.
Get Ready for the Freelancer Market

Compliance with ease - all necessary standards and legal specificities are embedded in our solution by default.
Centralize all Talent Sources in one place

Make use of the entire talent market by easily integrating both individual freelancers and suppliers (i.e. agencies, studios, recruiters, etc.)
Place the right person on the job

Finding the right freelancers is easy using our transparently searchable database of skills and evaluations.
Tap outside potential
when you need it

The integration of existing freelancer and vendor marketplaces provides virtually endless access to talent.
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Powered by MVP Factory, the established product builder driven by the Future of Work

MVP Factory is experienced in building digital products from idea to successful launch. With Match, we opened our tech freelancer pool to the world, sourcing and vetting top candidates and matching them the right roles.

Wunderforce makes use of the infrastructures and relationships we built in the previous years to enable easy access to scalable talent solutions, ready for the future of work.

completed projects
satisfied clients from startup to enterprise
talents staffed


When build is too expensive and slow, but market solutions just to don't really fulfill all needs.

Building a solution
on your own
MVP Factory
Using existing
SaaS offerings
Tailoring & Customization
Speed of Integration
Modular setup
Reusable building-blocks
Enterprise-grade customer support
˜ 3 months
Low, fixed +
low maintenance
As needed
As needed
Moderate, monthly/
annual fee
9-12 months
High, difficult
to plan
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